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Buck Lee

February 6, 2011

My sister thought she was going with them.  I just walked right over put my great big puppy paw in Momma’s lap and gave her a look that said, “I’m the cutest thing in the world and you will not be happy without me.”  It worked and away we went.  I was very excited to go home.  I couldn’t sit still the whole way.  I cried and barked and tried to bite the air from the AC, it was great.  I loved to ride in cars, who knew?  When I was older Dad got a new car and it had a little hole in the top.  We would go for rides and sometimes he would let me stick my head out of the hole.  Dad called it a “sunroof”.  The people in the other cars always thought it was a funny site to see me poking my head out like that.  I sure loved the smells and the wind in my face.

Well we finally made it home, and wow, I had a big sister waiting for me.  She was a beautiful greyhound named Keebler with the prettiest eyes and perfect ears for chewing.  I chewed on those ears a lot and she liked to chew my nose, we have the scars to prove it.  It was all in good fun and we had a lot of fun together.  We would chase squirrels in our yard, bark at those weird neighbor dogs, and sometimes we would play with a possum or cat that wandered into the yard.  Mom and dad didn’t think we should play with those ugly possums and cats.  They never seemed that happy. Mom would scream and then Dad would say something like “Now, what am I supposed to do with that?”  I don’t know what that meant, but it was so much fun I just couldn’t stop.  I could never stop.

I just loved everything.  I would get so excited to go outside when I heard the door open that Dad would yell at me.  It wasn’t my fault they put in wood floors and then put a coffee table right in my way, or a refrigerator, or a chair, or a wall.  I was just a puppy.  Dad used to say that I’d settle down when I got a little older.  Turns out I didn’t have to get older.  They said I was 5 but I didn’t know what that meant either and there were things to do and I didn’t know if I would have time to do it all so I did everything as fast as I could.  Well, sometimes I could be sneaky.  When Mom and Dad had their own babies I would hide under the tall chairs and wait for the food that always fell.  Those little ones were not very good at eating, but I was.  Mom and Dad would tell me to go away but I could always sneak back.  When the babies got older they sometimes told on me by making funny noises when I licked their faces or helped them with the food.  It wasn’t my fault that chair was the same height as me and the food was so tasty.  I loved to eat supper with the babies.

My favorite thing in the whole wide world though was my Momma.  After Dad would finally go to work in the morning I would crawl in bed, snuggle up with her and stay right by her side all day long.  Sometimes Dad would come back, though, and talk to Momma.  I would hold my breath to be sure he didn’t see me.  Sometimes he stayed so long I thought I wouldn’t make it, and sometimes I didn’t.  Dad would make me get out of the bed and Momma would say she didn’t know I was there.  I guess she was so great she could scratch my ears in her sleep.  I knew how much she loved me and wanted me close so every time she moved I would follow.  We took baths together, soapy water tastes good too, checked the mail together and did everything together.  It didn’t matter what we did though, I just liked to be with her.  If she was home, I was happy.  Well, I was happy all the time, but I was really happy when Momma was home.

One day, though, I started to feel kind of sick.  Dad cleaned up my mess and didn’t even give me a lecture.  I think he knew I was really sick.  I just felt worse and worse.  I had felt like that before, but I always got better.  This time I never did.  Mom and Dad took care of me and made me comfortable by putting warm blankets on me and bringing my favorite pillow for my head.  I was so glad Momma stayed with me for so long.  I know she had to take care of her other babies and it was the day they call “Christmas” with all the super yummy crumbs.  She stayed and talked to me and petted me and told me it was ok because all dogs go to heaven, especially on Christmas.

Late that night they took me to see the doctor.  He did something to me but I don’t remember what.  I was too busy with Mom and Dad loving on me.  Then all of a sudden the sun was out again and the wind was blowing in my face and there were smells everywhere, the best smells I had ever smelled.  Then I heard the most friendly voice saying, “Hey Buck, come here”.  I knew that face, I had dreamed of that face when I would lie out in the sun in my old backyard.  He was the one who made all the trees and squirrels, cats and possums (sorry about that), and the cool grass to run on.  I knew I was in heaven, Momma was right, there were dogs everywhere.  Big dogs, little dogs, in between dogs.  This friendly face knew what I was thinking and told me that “Of course all dogs go to heaven.  I didn’t make you to bring so much joy to people to only leave you when you had done such a good job.  Don’t tell anyone, but I made the grass for you.  People wear shoes anyway.  I also made the squirrels for you and their hell is your heaven so have fun.”

Oh boy am I having fun.  I bark all day and chase squirrels.  I get to eat whatever I want and as much as I want.  There are great big pools for drinking.  One time when I first got here I saw Mom and Dad while looking into the pool.  They were crying and holding me in the doctor’s office.  I barked and barked and barked, but they never heard.  I wanted them to see how happy I was.  I wish they knew how great it was here because then they wouldn’t cry.


From → Miss Lany

  1. Amanda Smith permalink

    So, you think after reading this wonderful and heartfelt writing I wouldn’t cry but nope I still cry like a baby! I LAUGH at the beginning and weep at the end with a smile. That was my shadow and I LOVED him dearly :-)!

  2. myra guillot permalink

    Wonderful, Matt. You make us so proud and your life is a blessing and anointed by God.

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