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The Narrow Way

February 7, 2011

This morning we had a guest speaker, John Bevere, at church.  During the service he said something that has stuck with me throughout the afternoon.  He was talking about the road that the Church travels along.  Lining this road are two ditches.  The one on the right is legalism and the one on the left is cheap grace.  As far as extremes go these seem to be the two far ends.

What it seems like we do as Christians is combine all other Christians into these two categories and we force ourselves into the middle.  My thought is that we have the entire road to safely travel on.  The danger comes when we get too close to the ditch.  God has created each and every one of us with certain traits and leanings.  Some people are going to lean to the right and a more rigid sort of Christianity.  Others are going to lean to the left and a more lenient brand of Christianity.  Neither are right and neither are wrong.

We, the Church, must be able to reach all people.  Not all people are going to respond to hymns and sermons on sin every Sunday.  Not all people are going to respond to loud worship and seven steps to a happy life.  Since there are all kinds that need Jesus it seems to reason that Jesus needs all kinds to reach them.  When we become Christians we surrender our lives to Christ.  While that is true it does not mean that we lose our personality or individuality.  Surrender means to surrender our personality and individuality to  God and His Kingdom.  Becoming a Christian does not mean that we become an automaton.

God has given us these traits and to suppress them is to offend God.  While the road we travel is narrow it is not single file.  There is some room that God has given us to use our own personalities.  We all see things differently.  To try to conform to some arbitrary pattern only boxes God in.  What we need to do as a Church is recognize that God has not only called people like us.  God has called all kinds because he wants all kinds.  Do your thing, but watch out for the ditches.


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