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Dreams are Golden

February 8, 2011

What’s it mean to chase a dream?  What’s it feel like?  Is it like the last day of school and the bell’s about to ring?  The bell’s about to ring, but you still have to wait on your mom to pick you up?  But the summer ends and you have to go back to school.  I don’t want to go back to school.  I like being free.  That’s what it feels like.  It feels free.

Is it chasing the dream that feels like freedom or is the freedom allowing me to chase the dream.  Which is which?  I feel like I’ve waited for whatever I was waiting on and now I’ve turned a corner.  My arms are outstretched and I’m jumping.  Catch me, catch me, my Lord.  I think I’m done waiting.  I’ve waited, for the most part, patiently and now I think the leash has been removed.

Fear.  It feels like fear.  Questions and concerns because we are grown-ups.  I have kids and change diapers on a regular basis.  Dreams are for the young ones still wet behind the ears.  The young ones not yet crusty and dry from all the beatings life gives are the ones with the dreams.  It’s these with the courage, or naivety, to actually try.  Who are we?

We know who we are and that’s the problem and that is the problem, I think.  It seems…

Who are we not to try?  We didn’t decide to think the way we do.  We didn’t decide to have the ideas we have.  Ideas are not plans.  Anyone can plan, but not everyone has ideas.  It’s easy to cover a song but the talent lies in the creation, lies in having the idea for the song.  It’s called genius because “they’ve” never had an idea like that.  It called stupid because “they’ve” never had an idea.  We have ideas and we have dreams.

So since this dream, this idea, came to us and not us to it are we not obligated to give chase?  We are.  They are our talents of gold.  Well, done.  Well, done.



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  1. Heather permalink

    The leash is off? I must know details!

  2. I don’t know how to respond, or where. I feel like I’ve come through a time of testing and trusting. I didn’t get an “A” but I passed. So now I’m following or better yet, I’m being led and not just pulling.

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