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A Dripping Faucet

February 16, 2011

There is never enough

It comes just a word at a time

Seemingly off the cuff

It rolls and my fingers mime

This extravagance

Of a Creator divine

Never a chance

The thought

I blanched

Rising, rising

With two he covered his face

With two his feet

Oh the shaking

The foundations

Are enough

Of a rock

To stand


There is never enough

Words words words

Like a dripping

I come like a child


Too excited to stand



My God my God

If ever there was cause

To celebrate

My God it’s You

Created me, created this

Created my lips to praise

My hands to create

Simple songs and words

Like Daddy, Daddy, I love you

More today than yesterday

Was another challenge

Made today the outrageous joy

Your relentless untamable love allows

My life to soar

Deep within I hear my Lion

Roar in victory

I cry Daddy, Daddy

You lifted me

And I rise, and I rise, and I rise

To meet You

My End



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