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Oh That Feeling

February 16, 2011

That feeling

Overcomes me

Comes over me like a fog

Seeping inside

My chest tightens

My head spinning

Around again I go

Out on that ledge

Trusting distrusting

My God my hedge

Is invisible

Bridges, gaps

God of the gaps

Won’t reach

Only teach

A lesson you can’t study

For it’s sneaky

Like a shadow

Doesn’t make a sound

But grips your heart

Tears a world apart

From Me you can do nothing

Is impossible now

That feeling seeps

In again like a candle

Soft and warm


From → Poetry

  1. stunning imagery..
    soft and warm, live the feel of the line.


  2. Thank you, really.

  3. that feeling is soft and warm, wow, vivid and visual word painting…

    keep it up.

    Welcome joining poets rally week 40,
    all submissions will be fully represented by the end of the week,
    visit me for details today.. hope to see you in..

    Happy Writing..

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