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Forever my Faithful Father

February 23, 2011

Wading through springs

Of Living Water

Turning over stones

Of shameful things

Mark a life

Of gambling and barter

To get this remove that

Oh God

Let me keep it under my hat

Keeps people from seeing

That my soul

Is a painful plod

From one thing

To some God forsaken

Fun filled hole

In the sky

For You to rain

On me Your life

Is grace mercy peace


On my side

No longer my goodness

As gain

Is no better than

Acid walks in the dark

Throwing stones at broken cars

Did I hear a dog bark

As my shadow

Is doing its own thing

Behind in front of bars

Bar the door

Has got something under it

Reminds me of the Virgin Mary

And of Jimi Hendrix

Colors around the door

Bar the door

It’s getting dark

And someone’s throwing roaches

It hits me it sticks

In my mind

Like the phrases

I learned at FCA

In the verses

On the pages

IS now my hope

Not the dope, nope, rope

Not that

Is not what today

Is a strength

Like a mountain

You reign over me

Pulling me up

Out of the death spring fountain

Into peaceful

Streams of Living Water

You restored my soul

Forever my faithful Father



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