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February 25, 2011

It’s now been over six

Years since the sand

And the wartime flicks

That was a different time

A different brand of man

I was not just yet

A man

But a kid covered in grime

And covered in prayer

And sitting in a 7 ton

While the war sounds hum

The sound of a rifle’s

Rifled barrel

Blasting out blood and…

I sat hearing Bob Dylan sing

It’s not dark yet

But it’s getting there

In that truck

Reciting poems and dreams

Listening to the Marines

Screams of there, there!

There are the Indians, cowboys

I’d never heard the sounds I heard

The sky tear over my head

Were the bullets snapping thumping

Her eyes were filled with dread

And someone wanted a cigarette

Needed a lighter to light the thing

Is laughter or tears

In the midst of the squall

There’s no real fear

At least not till it’s over

Then it sticks like a disease

Making you wish

For red rover, red rover

Let Bob come over

To the fence where the kids play





From → Poetry

  1. Heather permalink

    Really like this one.
    Who is ‘her’?

  2. She was a reservist officer (a nurse) who found herself where she really didn’t want to be.

  3. Wow, this is really visual and I can feel the fear and the gunfire. My husband was a Marine so it hits me even closer. Beautifully written.

  4. Teri, I’m glad you liked it, and thanks a lot for the compliment. I was a Corpsman and got to see a lot from a pretty unique perspective, I guess.

  5. Matt, no wonder it hit me the way it did. I was an ICU nurse and must have recognized your unique medical viewpoint.

  6. Maybe it’s the training that teaches us not just to see things but to look and know what we’re looking at. Christmas lights, fallen ladder, back hurts = don’t move. Couple that with an artists way of seeing it and you get a novel way of expression.

  7. profound one..

    enjoyed the imagery.

  8. thanks, I really am glad you enjoyed it.

  9. wow vivid and in your face…love the inclusion of the red rover at the end…a smile, yet serious…

    • Thanks Brian. Yeah, I kind of stumbled into that last bit. I thought it fit the emotion of it all though. Thanks for reading.

  10. I was there with you…where I didn’t really want to be. Powerful depiction of war.

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