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From the Outside IN

February 25, 2011

Come on, boys, this building’s rotten.  With all your help we’ll make her solid.  Hammer, nails, wood and copper.  We’ll fix her up real quick and proper.  Sign the ledger so the big bosses know that you were here you made this go.  Send an email, send a tweet, send a snail mail with your feet.  We all must help so give us some money.  We’ll fix ole girl with words like honey.  There are wheels to grease and egos to sooth.  There’s a lot to buy before we move.  Come one come all come on over to the mall.  We’ll carry signs saying, “We want to fix the building”, or something that rhymes.  Let’s raise the money there are conferences to buy.  Let’s raise the money give your nickels and dimes.  We’ll start at the top where the big bosses sit.  We’ll start at the top and we’ll work our way down.  We’ll start with the windows and pound, pound, pound.  Let’s get to the roof, I hear the seals are all leaking.  Don’t mind the foundation or that columns are creaking.  Put up the sheet rock, never mind the rat in the wall. Get a Glade Plug-in and freshen up the hall.  Put up a picture.  Do you call that art?  Where are the eagles, or Noah and his ark?  Let’s move, let’s move, the people have nowhere to go.  Let’s get them in quick and put on a show.  The building looks good, we gave it new paint.  Who cares that the mold is making them faint.  They’re not all fainting and we’ve done something good.  If just one makes it home it’d be worth it, it would.



From → Preachy Thoughts

  1. Heather permalink

    I don’t know how to take this one…

  2. It can be a commentary on how we often approach personal righteousness or how we approach the morality of the nation.

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