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Suffering (with loved ones near)

March 3, 2011

It’s anger

Of the righteous kind

Words have availed little

Reaches the ears

Of the pained and broken

Promises break



Spirit is weak and worn

Are the threads

Of a union


To the point of delusion

Cause hands to seize

Hold and not let go

Of past promises

Broken on the alter of lust


It keeps for a time

Then shatters ten thousand fold

Your hands and pray

Without thinking your thoughts

Are shaped by a pain

Without pity

Yes, harsh and controlling

It grasps with bony fingers

Like an old woman

Who won’t let go

Of faded photographs

On a mantel

Crumbling with neglect

A heart

Crumbling with neglect

Holds out hope in hope

But this one disappoints

Cruel and without remorse

It clutches organs and breath

Slowly seeps out of lungs

Choked with fears


Is alone

Only away

From pillars of support

Reach out to hold

Gently tender and caring

Reach out and plead

“Rest, rest in these arms”

Are for you

To hold you

To bless you

To free you

When the fear grips fierce

This love comes swift

To lift you and take you

Won’t hear won’t believe

This anger is love

That won’t hurt but is hurt


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