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March 22, 2011

Ok, so I’ve decided to run a marathon.

I’ve wanted to do this for years and now I’m going to.  Even as I sit on my comfy, oversized chair my knees ache from my run this morning.  In fact, they hurt so bad I think I’m going to take the rest of the week off.

This thought got me thinking (don’t most).  Actually, sitting down to type this got me thinking.  Does a set back mean that I’m going to quit?  It might.  I have a lot.  I quit stuff all the time.  I almost quit writing this blog.  I wanted to quit life so bad one time I joined the Navy.  Quit, quit and quit.

I don’t want to quit this blog and I don’t want to quit on my dream to run a marathon. So that leaves me with what?  If I quit so often what is to keep me from quitting this time?

Is it commitment that’s going to get me up early and out on the road running?  It hasn’t worked yet.  I’ve been committed to lots of stuff that I quit at the drop of a hat.  So, let me think about what I haven’t quit on…

I haven’t quit on my wife even though we’ve had some tuff times.  I haven’t quit on my kids even though sometimes I go catatonic for a second.  I haven’t quit on my call to be a pastor.  That’s been a difficult road to travel to say the least.  Lots of redefining what I thought that meant and oh so much shaping and reshaping and discipline.  But I’ve not quit any of those things.  If I was to be honest I’d have to say that I’ve become much better at those things.  Why?  I’m no more committed to them than I was to any of the other things I was going to do “no matter what”.  I’ve got books and stories and poems and bible studies I’ve started which are all collecting dust.

All I can say is that I just didn’t quit when I wanted to.  When that urge to take my ball and go home came I stuck it out for one more game.  Sometimes I’ve won the next game and lots of times I’ve lost, but I just keep sticking my fat head in there time and time again.

So what’s the secret?  What’s my point?

I don’t know.  I do know, however, that whether or not I run a marathon, or stick to blogging, is ultimately in the hands of God.  Still, even though God controls the final outcome, He has given this life for me to live.  There is no magic bean.  There is only getting up and hitting the road.  There is only living life with my eyes open and writing about what I see.  It’s just doing it.  It’s just actually doing it.  No pep talks, no glory, just putting one foot in front of the other and accomplishing something.

What do you want to do?  Any dreams or goals collecting dust?  Lets chop off Goliath’s head together.  That sounds like fun.


From → Miss Lany

  1. Heather permalink

    I like this one. And I hope you don’t quit. If you run a marathon, I will be there to cheer you on and tell you you’re crazy. 🙂

  2. The Sister permalink

    Whatever happened to this idea? Did you know I’m training for a half marathon?? Yes, I am crazy, there is officially no doubt about it.

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