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Exposed and Cold

October 11, 2011

Exposed and cold
Between rocky crags and snow
I’m breathing deeply holding on
And dreaming
Of once when I was warm
When the sun was bright
And the absence of storms

Brought the vultures
Now dancing haughtily and laughing
At my feeble hand waving
Shaky voiced protestations

Gestation of a choice
When the only voice is your own voice
Taken on the wind of putrid wings flapping
Maniacal gesticulations and slapping
Now exposed and cold
Between rocky crags and snow

I hear them say, “Come”
The Spirit, the Bride say, “Come”
Useless straining
Bloody knees shaking
In a valley of cold realization
Of dry bone protruding
Through thin skinned humiliation

That even the rocks know how to sing
And scraggly pines lift broken limbs so free
From restraint they enter
Mindless rocks and trees

I hear them say, “Come”
And lift my eyes to the hills
Like a film from another life I see
“Enter boldly, enter free.
I have ears to hear
For My eyes have seen.”

Exposed and cold
Between rocky crags and snow
I’m lifted up to broken feet
While hollow eyed
And devoid of pride
Yet joyful in my Saviors cry
I lift my feet and begin to plod
Into the very throne room of God


From → Poetry

  1. Jeremy permalink

    Heck yeah! Very nice Matt. What a killer ending. The Rocky crags and snow was such a beautiful imagery.

    • Thanks. I was afraid the ending was too sappy and departed from the feel of the rest of it.

      • Jeremy permalink

        I think the use of “plod” tied it in. I didn’t think it sappy at all.

  2. heather permalink

    I like it. A lot. 🙂

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