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December 8, 2011

In the fresh breath of winter’s first cold

Feebly I walk

Flat-footed over the ice of a numb day

Dark eyed like one leering


Listening for clues

Memorize the changing hues

Cautious and feeling

Never feeling

I stumble and crash

Through the frozen glass

Thin like a child’s lie


Wild like an animal

Unwilling to be taken

Drowning, I’m not able to drown

In this fetid, cold, shallow water

Spinning, turning, mouth agape

The land a searing desertscape

Bones are a nuisance

In their dry cracking brittleness

The cold a nagging pleasant memory

Thin and veiled it haunts

Like a childhood Christmas

The details of which are hazy at best

I’ll sit

With boulders looming

Threatening with crass judgments and scorn

In their shadows I’ll wait

A survivalists rule

Don’t go looking He’ll come looking for you

In the distance the roar of an ancient beast

It’s crawling to me at a nightmares pace

The boulders creeping

The roar looming

And I sit with anxious feet

Short breathed and quickened beat

Trusting He’ll find me

Trusting He’ll see

From whimper to shout

To whimper again

My thickened dry tongue

Unceasing it cries

Trusting He’ll hear me

Have mercy and see

I’m a petulant servant and child and slave

Shaking from exhaustion

Longing to be saved


From → Poetry

  1. I cried. I’m with you on this one. beautiful.

  2. Thanks so much. The thing about rough patches is that the fresh breeze that always comes feels that much better and is much more appreciated. It’s like eating your green beans before the steak.

  3. So true…and where would our poetry be without the green beans?!! 🙂 My tears were memories actually, been there, and wouldn’t you know my tears held a little sugar with the salt. surprised me even. yeah, this journey is a beautiful one, breathtaking really isnt it?? Ur snow was a welcome contrast to my desert moment… sorta like that “fresh breeze” actually 🙂 reminding me of the seasons. loved it.

  4. Woo!!While reading this, I’m having a “Jacob” moment on my way to becoming “Israel” after struggling with the Lord & winning!! Wonderful poem & site…I appreciate the emotional rawness in our walk with Christ

    • Maybe there’s a good reason for why I feel my struggles so deeply. I really appreciate your words.

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