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The Christian Formula

December 13, 2011

Why do we always thinks there is some sort of formula for everything.

I’m guilty.

We always want to know if we’re doing the right thing. Should we go to this university or that one? Should we marry this person or that one?

We want to be able to feel if we’re doing the right thing.

We won’t.

At least not always. That doesn’t stop us from developing formulas for knowing if we’re on the right path. The problem is that our formulas differ from one person to the next.

For me it’s if I meet resistance. If at every turn there is some sort of obstacle to hurdle I think, “Well, if you’re not meeting resistance you’re swimming the wrong way.” Some think just the opposite. If they meet resistance they think it must be God’s way of telling them “no”.

It’s not that easy.

Living a life committed to Christ takes trust. Lots of trust. There isn’t a feeling to go along with every decision.

We have to trust.

We have to trust that even if we make the wrong decision that God is good enough to correct us and not simply punish or let us wallow in our mistake. The God I serve won’t punish or let me miss out on what He has for me if I’m honestly seeking His will and honestly make a mistake and go the wrong way.

Let God be God.

He loves us and knows where we’ve been and knows where we’re going. He’ll get us there.

Do you have any examples of where maybe you went the wrong way and God gently set you back on course?


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