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People and Needing Confirmation

December 16, 2011


I think God likes people.

Really, I do.  God is big and can do things that we can’t.  Still, He decides to use us to accomplish His goals.

We can say things to people that we think are complete throw away statements and those words have the power to do so much.  We can hurt and build up.  Sometimes God even chooses to use us as His mouthpiece.

I saw an old friend today and God used the words that she said to really encourage me.  We had a short conversation but so much of what was on her heart were things that I feel God has been speaking to me as well.

We weren’t trying to be spiritual.  We were just talking.  God used who we were to speak into the other’s life.

Times when you feel God has given you a job to do, or asked you to take a different direction in life, can be really confusing.  It’s not like He sends an angel down to earth to tell you what to do every time a decision has to be made.

I don’t like guessing games.

Today was a good lesson in how God can work.  I still needed some confirmation in my life for the direction I’m taking.  Today was just one more confirmation for me that I’m headed in the right direction.


Now I have to trust.  This is the part I don’t like.  I don’t expect God to confirm for me everyday that I’m doing the right thing. 

He normally doesn’t.

Mary was visited by an angel, but then had to spend 20 plus years raising Jesus withoutanother one.  That’s a big job to do.  That’s a lot of responsibility.

Eventually the memories of the dreams and the angels were going to fade somewhat.  Eventually the confirmations I’ve received are going to fade as well.  Eventually I’m going to face some hard times and have some doubt.

Remember and keep going.

Sometimes we’ve got to take a step back and look back.  We’ve got to remember the things that God has done for us in the past, how He’s led us this far.

We’ve got to trust that God is not going to forget that we’re still down here working and praying and striving within our dream.

It’s His dream, we’re His kids, and He likes us.  He won’t let us go.  Hold on, be patient and keep moving forward.  He’s watching and smiling because any good father likes to see his kids walk and grow.

Have you had any good confirmation moments lately?  How have you overcome those moments of doubt?


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