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Good People and the Art of Self-Deception

December 17, 2011

There are tons of really good people out there who don’t know Christ.  Just today at the mall, while waiting to see Santa, this couple behind us let our son share their iPhone with their son.  Then they let my son use one of their phones by himself.

They could have been Christians, but I have no idea.

Also, I have no idea if they were even good people.  Looks can be deceiving. Being a good person is kind of a relative statement anyway.  Depending on what group of people you consider of a like mind the definition of “good” can vary drastically.

The idea that goodness is relative can be a problem in the Christian community.

We want to be able to look at someone and determine their standing with God.  We all do it.  It’s not that we’re necessarily judging them, but we are labeling and filing them away in a specific category in our mind.

The problem is that our unique background and personal likes and dislikes can cause us to make wrong assumptions.

We can go two ways on this.  We can meet someone who looks and talks like us and assume that they are like us.  We can wrongly assume that they probably know Christ, like I did today.  On the other hand we can meet someone who seems the polar opposite of us and assume that they definitely don’t know Christ.

Either way can be correct and they can both be wrong.

We can miss opportunities to share Christ and miss opportunities to develop friendships that may sharpen us.  Sometimes our ideas of good and bad can prevent God from using us to be a Light.

Being good has nothing to do with it, but believing does.  The only good in any of us is Christ.  We are given the righteousness of God when we believe.

We’re not given our own righteousness to put on display.

We have to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit in these situations.  I wasn’t today.  I could have missed out on an opportunity to be a Light, or meet some people to help me on my journey.

Have you ever had your notion of who is good, or not, turned on its head?  Have you ever met someone who at first glance didn’t appear to know Christ become someone who sharpens and helps you?


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