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Your Life For Mine

December 21, 2011

Photo Courtesy of Flickr: Creative Commons

Walking near you
Seems each step is eternity, knowing
Each step is a better step
Than the last step
Stepped in sand and stopped
I think
Your hand jerked from mine
My eyes fell
My heart stuttered
In my soul I thirst
My God, my God, why?
Troubled within me
I’m heart broken for You
Longing looking
Needing knocking
On the door of Your heart
My heart any heart
Let me in and come back

Your hand now under my chin
Lifting my heart with my eyes
See into lifetimes of Love
Weep from ducts that cried
For me and not because of me
You held on and cried in screeching sobs
You held on with a heartache
To crumble a million stars
You held on to me
To walk near me
Needing me wanting me

Your life for me

Your life for mine

Have you ever lost that spark for God? Have you ever looked up from your life and realized that what you once held so dear now seemed so far away?

You turn around and realize that you’re the one who left the one Thing that you ever really wanted or needed. You turned around and everything that made your life make sense was gone on the wind like the faint scent of perfume that a loved one once wore.

I know that feeling all to well.

I know that feeling of reconciliation also. I know and cherish that feeling; that feeling of an almost uncontrollable love embracing me.

It’s the untamable love that is Christ.

It’s Jesus aching for the lost children of Israel, it’s God running after the prodigal son, it’s David crying, “O my son Absalom! My son, my son Absalom! If only I had died instead of you—O Absalom, my son, my son!”

Jesus has died for you. That emotion was no less present when Jesus went to the cross. It is no less present today.

Jesus sits in heaven praying to God for you. He longs for you to come home. He’s calling out your name and weeping.

You are the passion of Christ. Rest and let Him love you.


From → Preachy Thoughts

  1. especially moved by this. beautiful. raw. stirring. yes God!

    • Thanks Claire. I’m glad you liked it, especially considering how good your own blog is. Thanks, again.

      P.S. What’s a SAHM? It’s in you “Moi” page.

      • SAHM = stay at home mum :o)

        you’ve got a real way with words that really captured my heart in this post – reminded me of the magnitude of what Jesus has done and who Jesus is and how great His love is!

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