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Merry Christmas

December 24, 2011

One of the things that really concerns me is the “why” of things.

Since it’s the Christmas season I thought I’d explore the “why” of ensuring that society at large “keeps the Christ in Christmas”.

I saw that bumper sticker today while Christmas shopping with 2 million of my closest friends.  The one with a manger scene and the words “Keep Christ in Christmas” over the top.


At the risk of sounding obnoxious or profane, I ask if Christ really has much to do with the way Christmas is celebrated in most of the world today?

I think most would agree that He does not.

Sure, there are lots of manger scenes, and many people who never set foot in a church otherwise might go to a Christmas Eve service, but how many people are really focused on Jesus’ birth?

My wife and I have received flak at times for letting our kids dress up and go to their grandparent’s house for Halloween.  My biggest retort to these people is that dressing like Spiderman will no sooner make my son a satanist than opening a Christmas present will make an atheist a Christian.

This issue is raised every Christmas with stores being boycotted and flooded with emails to “keep Christ in Christmas”.

I think it’s time that Christians realized that the world has moved on without them.  We no longer live in a Christian nation here in America.  As a whole, Americans are not immoral, they are amoral.

The Church and our doctrines, culture and traditions have been outpaced by secular society.  Our history is history.

Keeping “Christ in Christmas”, in the context of the holiday, is nothing more than putting lipstick on a pig.

We have been outflanked and outmaneuvered.  Still, we lob our grenades at the enemy’s command post while being 10 miles away.

Forcing or convincing a company to ask their employees to say Merry Christmas is not going to change the tone of the holiday.  Culture is not changed by keeping to traditional “names”.

Culture is changed when the Church is committed to speaking openly and honestly about what it is that makes Christ so great.

In my last post I talked about coming back to God after a time of being apart.  Most Christians have experienced this.

Do you remember what that was like?  Do you remember when Jesus saved you?

Sometimes we forget.  Take some time to think back to that experience.  Do you remember the joy that you felt?  Do you remember your soul bursting from your chest in thanksgiving and admiration?  Can you still hear your spirit within you shouting, “Abba, Father!”?

That’s the Good News of Christmas.  That can’t be changed by a name change.  That is eternal.

I just think our time and effort are better spent in telling our story of God’s amazing grace than worrying about what people call Christmas.  Our battle is spiritual.

Didn’t mean to be a downer, but just thought this was something that needed to be thought about.  Our actions, even those we think are in defense of Christ, can have far reaching effects; eternal effects.

What do you think?

Oh, and Merry Christmas.


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