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Originally this blog started as a way for me to store all my ramblings in one place.  I told my wife and she told Facebook.  I secretly wanted to start a public blog and I think she knew that.  Maybe she thought this would be a relief to her.  Instead of talking her ear off about all this stuff I can hopefully talk your eyes out.

I am a Christian.  I like to write.  I love Jesus because He first loved me.

  1. Heather permalink

    Hello, No One. I like your writing. I have added you to my Reader. I think that means you are Some One. Goodbye.

  2. The Sister permalink

    You changed your ‘about’ page and now my comment doesn’t make sense anymore. I still like your writing though; that hasn’t changed and also still makes sense, since, you know, you write well and all.

  3. Like the blog, I’m still undergoing my “religious journey” and deciding if I want to be religious at all… I look forward to reading, commenting, disagreeing, agreeing, and maybe debating from time to time. 🙂

    • Please do. Debate is a good thing. Besides being a civil way of getting to tell people how wrong they are it’s also a good way to hone your own ideas. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Growing Mother Sprouting Child permalink

    Thank you for sharing 🙂 If you did not write this blog a lot of us would be missing out on a great deal of insight and thought provoking writing.

  5. Farther South permalink

    I always learn something about myself and you through your writing.

    • Thank you, but I hope you don’t learn too much about me because you may not want to keep reading:)

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